Tyler Ogawa's Best PAGE EVER

This is a reflection and sharing of my learning.

Tyler's AWESOME Biography 🤗

My name is Tyler Ogawa and I am 11 years old. I live in Irvine, California. My hobbies are video games, origami, sports, and more. Sometimes I like to fold ninja stars out of paper or play video games like Halo. My friends are Ivan, Brian, Timothy, Jason, and Daniel. My favorite ice cream flavor is DEFINITELY cotton candy. My favorite period is 5th period because I get to make my video games with my friends. The club is that I recently signed up for is the origami club. I get to fold really neat things there.

An Introduction to Science 6

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My Fav Lab

My favorite lab was the sand lab because I could see really cool items and it was like nothing you have seen before.
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