Nuclear Energy

Is Nuclear Power a Sustainable form of Energy?

Facts About Nuclear Power


-Chinese Nuclear Society("Other Organizations")

-Canadian Nuclear Association("Other Organizations")

-World Nuclear Association("Other Organizations")

-Citizens/Governments("Other Organizations")


-Nuclear Energy is the power released from nuclear fission to generate electricity(Martin)

-Nuclear power provides approximately 15% of the worlds electricity(Martin)


-Enrico Fermi built a nuclear reactor with the help of 2 physicists(Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann) that created the nuclear fission in 1938(Nagel)

-Canada got their first nuclear fission in 1939("Canadian Nuclear FAQ")


-Nuclear power comes from uranium which is a very heavy metal that can be used as an abundant source of concentrated energy.("What is Uranium")

-More than half of the uranium comes from mines in Canada, Australia, and Kazakhstan("Where does uranium come from"?)


-Low-carbon Electricity



-Efficient fuel

-Clean Energy

-Safe and secure

-Economic benefits

-Job creation

-Higher salaries

-Public support

("Top 10 Facts About Nuclear Energy")

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Pros and Cons


-Low pollution("Nuclear Energy Costs")

-Low operating costs("Nuclear Energy Costs")

-Reliability of uranium("Nuclear Energy Costs")

-More proficient than fossil fuels("Nuclear Energy Costs")

-Low carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere(Buzz)

-High energy density(Machlum)

-Relatively low costs(Machlum)

-Canada has a lot of uranium

-Known developed technology ready for market(Buzz)


-High construction costs due to complex radiation containment systems and procedures(Buzz)

-High subsides needed for construction and operation as well a loan guarantees(Buzz)

-High known risks of an accident(Buzz)

-Unknown risks(Buzz)

-Waste lasts 200-500 thousand years(Buzz)

-Target for terrorism(Buzz)

-Waivers are required to limit liability of companies in the event of an accident(Buzz)

-Uranium is hard to find(Buzz)

-There are no operating long-term waste storage sites in the U.S (Buzz)

-The majority of known uranium around the world lies under land controlled by tribes or indigenous people who don't support it being mined from the earth(Buzz)

Is Nuclear Power a sustainable form of energy?

It has determined that the number of greenhouse gases has been decreased by almost half because of the prevalence in the utilisation of nuclear power.

Nuclear power produces very inexpensive electricity. The cost of the uranium which is utilised as a fuel in the in the process is very low. Also, even though the expense of setting up nuclear power plants is moderately high, the expense of running them is quite low.

It is estimated that with the current rate of consumption of uranium, we have enough uranium for another 70-80 years.

As of today, nuclear energy is as one of the most environmentally friendly sources of energy. Nuclear power is a sustainable form of energy because it produces little pollution or greenhouse gases, it has low operating costs, and finally it is one most reliable forms of energy available.

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