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Issue 9, 17 July 2020

Principal's News

Semester Two - how grateful we are to be at school!

Our state continues to be impacted by Covid pandemic and the necessary restrictions that stem from this. As a result many events and activities continue to be impacted and some, especially those scheduled for Term 4 remain surrounded by a sense of uncertainty. Please be assured that the College will host events and activities where possible, modifying where required to ensure our students have as many experiences as possible this year. Covid safe practices are in place on a daily basis and will continue to ensure that the safety of staff, students and parents are paramount. We apologise in advance for uncertainty around some dates however appreciate your understanding of the ever changing times that we are in.

Despite the challenges being faced by society on a daily basis, much is still happening around the college. We have begun the redevelopment of our junior primary play area with a new, much larger sandpit! The cricket pitch and practice nets have been upgraded and we are super excited to introduce Design and Technology on campus for our Year 8 students! The design and technology facility is also being used by a number of secondary Interdisciplinary Design (ID) classes, providing a fabulous resource to support the learning of our students. This newly set up Design Technology Room is already a huge hit and will continue to be developed in future years to provide our students at Trinity with a hands on and practical design experience!

We pray for your family in these trying times, for safety, comfort and peace.

Eloise Beveridge


All students are now wearing our College Winter uniform. Staff across the college will be focusing on correct college uniform for ALL students. Our college uniform allows students to take pride in their own appearances and represent our College in a positive and appropriate way. All families enrol at our College with an acceptance of the Uniform Guidelines, your ongoing support of this is greatly appreciated.

Key areas of uniform that have been observed as needing attention for a number of students include:

  • Black sports joggers are not suitable as an alternative to black leather shoes for wearing with the day uniform. Please ensure your child is wearing BLACK LEATHER school shoes with their day uniform.
  • Sport and Day uniform cannot be mixed and matched. Students may only wear sports uniform to school on designated sport/PE days.
  • Sports socks - must be PLAIN white and not have assorted logos or images on them.
  • Skirt Hem Lengths - should be at the top of the knee or below.
  • Secondary Ski Jackets - students are not to be worn in classrooms
  • Plain navy pants and jumpers purchased from regular retail outlets are not acceptable uniform items.

We thank our families and students for ensuring uniform is worn with pride.

2020 School Camps

With current changes to restrictions within Victoria our Term 3 school camps have been postponed. At this stage, where possible, teachers are working to reschedule camp bookings to Term 4.

Any bookings for Term 4 will be governed by any restrictions in place at that time and government guidelines for school excursions and camps, ensuring a safe and hygienic experience.

Our camp program is always a highlight for our students at Trinity and our hope is that we can still run as many as possible in Term 4. Should a camp not go ahead parents will be refunded the allocation of composite levy. Thank you for your understanding.

Staffing Update

Mrs Hocking has resigned from her position at the College Canteen. Mrs Hocking has served our College for many years, always with a smile and a true servant heart! We thank Mrs Hocking for her dedicated service and unending devotion to Trinity and wish her every blessing as she now spends more time on the things that she loves such as lace work and dancing!

We welcome Miss Brodie Athorn to our Secondary Staff team this semester. Miss Athorn has most recently returned from teaching internationally and brings with her these amazing experiences and skills back to Trinity. We are very excited to have Miss Athorn back with us at the college!

We also welcome Mrs Sheryl Files as a Primary Learning Assistant. Mrs files has been a long serving member of our college community and most recently completed her education support certification. We are so excited to have Mrs Files helping our younger students with their literacy and numeracy skills this semester, welcome Sheryl!

IB Primary Years Program

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) is taught through the approach of inquiry. In an inquiry classroom each student can be supported to take their own path, drawing upon prior knowledge and interests, allowing students to relate to, explore and understand the world around them.

Students are supported with ‘front loading’ where required, lessons and instruction to help them on their journey. In Year 1/2 Sharing the Planet unit students are inquiring into the central idea ‘Our actions can damage and protect environments’. All of the students are focused on the our rights and responsibilities in sharing the Earth, but the IB allows for interests and abilities of students to guide their inquiries.

In this unit students investigated a range of areas from what koalas need to survive to water poverty. Inquiry is an authentic way for students to relate to, explore and understand the world around.

2021 Enrolment Interviews

Our 2021 Prep vacancies are filling fast! If you have a student to enrol in Prep for next year please contact us to ensure that you don't miss out.

We have limited vacancies across some year levels for 2021 that are filling fast also.

Enrol now by completing an online application form or contacting Elaine Heinrich at the college or on email at

Application for Enrolment

First step to enrolment at Trinity is to complete the Application for Enrolment and return to the College with accompanying documents and pay the $33.00 application fee.

NEW MENU!!! Home Meals from the Heart

The meal menu has been updated to add in a few more favourites. Have you tried a Home Meal from the Heart? Our Canteen staff are offering take home hearty meals that are prepared fresh daily. Use the button below to see the flyer and order form.

Home Meals from the Heart Flyer and Order form

Orders to be placed by Monday at 9am each week