BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

Sunny Beach's Newest Initiative to Enhance Learning

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am excited to announce a new technology initiative we are taking here at Sunny Beach Middle School for the next school year! We will be allowing our students to Bring Your Own Device to school, as they will be incorporated into each of the classrooms in grades 6-8. Whether it is their iPad/tablet, smart phone, or laptop, students will be able to bring their technology to school to be used under strict supervision according to teacher instruction.

This may not seem like the best idea to some, but copious amounts of research have been done that proves a BYOD approach to learning allows students to more deeply engage with the material they are being taught while simultaneously having their needs better met. While this may seem different than the classrooms you grew up in or the ones you are used to seeing, we promise we will be doing everything possible to make this change a positive one!

From researching on the Internet to playing interactive review games online to creating projects and presentations using downloadable organizational apps, the learning that can take place with technology is limitless. We hope that this new initiative will open new doors in our teachers' lessons and instructions while allowing our students to gain a better sense of confidence and control in their learning!

So, what does all this mean?

I know this can all be a bit overwhelming, but I am here to assure you BYOD will greatly improve your child's learning here at Sunny Beach! We are not simply going to be looking at YouTube videos or allowing students to scroll through Facebook all day. We will, instead, be revolutionizing the way our students learn! For some examples of the educational possibilities that open up to us when we allow technology in the classroom, explore this great site:

For an even stronger, deeper, and quicker understanding of how this new initiative will work, please watch this excellent informational video:

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The Benefits

Now that you have a better grip on what BYOD is and what it means for the classroom, here is a list of just some of the endless benefits such educational technology can bring to your child's learning:

  • Familiarity: Students already have experience with their technology, leaving them to feel more comfortable and confident with using it in the classroom. This also allows for a greater focus on learning the material versus learning how to use the device.
  • Cost-effective: By students bringing in their own devices, expenses on other technologies, resources, and materials are cut significantly. Not as many computers have to be bought for the school, less worksheets have to be printed (as they can just be posted on Google Drive or e-mailed), etc.
  • Organization: With all of the students' work in one place, they are more likely to stay organized and not lose important documents and assignments.
  • Enthusiasm: In today's world, technology is all the rage -- today's generation is glued to their technology devices. By bringing these devices into the classroom, an excitement for learning will emerge. Students are using what they love and know (their devices) in order to learn, creating a sense of enthusiasm.
  • More Personalized Learning: Technology allows for instruction to be catered to specific students' needs and skills. BYOD will, thus, allow students to succeed at their own pace.

For a continued list of benefits, you are encouraged to visit the following site:

A Preview

While instruction is entirely up to the individual teachers and their lessons, here are a few apps and resources you can expect to see your child using this next school year.

Get Started!

This summer we encourage you to work with your children at home and engage in the use of educational technology with each other! Here are just a few of the many apps that are available that your children are sure to both learn from and love.

Further Questions and Comments

We hope now that you are just as excited us as for the BYOD initiative! If you have any more questions, concerns, or comments, though, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Shannon Peterman

Technology Specialist, Sunny Beach Middle School