constitutional era

by jesus orozco

shays rebellion

shays rebellion was an armed uprising during 1786 to 1787. the rebellion was led by a revolutionary war veteran Daniel Shays. he led an army of four thousand rebels and they called themselves shaysites. This revolt came up because of poor farmers who were angry at the government for land seizures and bankruptcies. Daniel Shays and his rebels would son fall to numerous national leaders such as George Washington who came out of retirement deal with the rebels.

whiskey rebellion and XYZ Affair

The whiskey rebellion also is called the whiskey insurrection which was a tax protest in the united states beginning in 1791. George Washington was president at this time. This tax was intended to help reduce national debt by gaining revenue.

The XYZ affair was a diplomatic and political episode during 1797 to 1798. It was confrontation between the united states and the republic of France which led to an undeclared war. American diplomatic commissioners were sent to France to negotiate problems that were threatening to break out wars such as john marshall.