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Thursday, May 12, 2016

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It has been such a pleasure to get to know each and every one of you this year. I have always loved working in Blue Valley, but being in this position this year truly has deepened my appreciation for the great things going on in this district and to know that it truly starts with having dedicated and talented teachers! Each and every one of you brings something unique and special to this district, and I am so honored to say that I was able to be a small part of your journey. I'm only disappointed I won't be here to see you grow and flourish!

Thanks for making my year special. I know you all have bright futures ahead! Please enjoy the poem below written and performed by Taylor Mali. I have also included the written version below for you to hold on to if you wish! Powerful words!

"I Teach for the Fire" by Taylor Mali

I teach for the fire, the moment of ignition, the spark,

that light bulb of cognition going on in the dark

over an adolescent's head. O beautiful incandescence,

dazzling the dead air all around my room;

he tries and he tries and he tries and BOOM,

he gets it and you can see it in his eyes!

I teach for that moment.

I teach for the moment all the elephants all realize

that they have wings and can rise above the gutter,

my room aflutter with a thousand hummingbirds-

hovering in place, a rapt expression on every single face,

hanging on every word for one wild minute

as though they were wildflowers.

I teach for that minute.

I teach for the same reason every reason every teacher teaches.

The pebble never knows how long the ripple's reach is,

but I restart my heart each day and learn things

about myself as though I were an empty wooden bucket

and every student a wishing well.

They say those who seek to teach

must never cease to learn.

So, I teach for the moment everything catches fire

and suddenly starts to burn

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If you are on an initial license (this does not apply to everyone), the following information will help you regarding the process to upgrade. Per state regulations, you cannot apply for the upgrade until after May 15th.

If you need to look up your license to confirm type, expiration date, renewal requirements, etc., click here. If you have a type of license other than an Initial, you will find your renewal requirements printed directly on the license.

Please note that part of the process is the successful completion of the BV Mentoring Program. This includes the interactions/meetings/activities with me as well as completion of four (4) ETMs. If you have incomplete ETMs or need to know how to finalize them in MLP, the attachment in the e-mail will give you those directions.

If you need help for any part of the process, please don’t hesitate to contact me or one of the people listed below:

  • Trevor Goertzen (tgoertzen@ or 239-4365) - ETM help
  • Jana Early (jearly@ or 239-4212) - MyLearningPlan help or licensure questions
  • KSDE Licensure Team (785-296-2288) - Specific questions about your situation/license

About Dr. Orr

Please feel free to contact me if you need anything or just want to stay in touch! My personal e-mail address and phone number are now below....