Curriculum Corner 2019-20

Quarter 1

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Curriculum Corner

As part of our vision of effective communication, this school year we will be developing quarterly newsletters focused on curriculum and topics of interest. I will send this newsletter through the news alert and include them in the Hollifield Herald. Our weekly Hollifield Herald will continue to provide details on upcoming dates and events with descriptions of these events. We hope you find these forms of communication helpful throughout the year.

As a parent myself, I know that how we were taught growing up looks much different than how our students are taught today. In particular, mathematics is the one content area that has seen the most dramatic change in instruction. I often find myself in math classes saying "I wish I learned math this way!" If you don't understand a strategy or the new method for solving certain problems, it can be overwhelming. In order to deepen my own knowledge of math and the resources HCPSS has on hand, I took math classes over the past few summers. The resources that HCPSS provides are amazing and so helpful in understanding the quality instruction that our students receive. For this edition, I am focusing on math resources and instructional placement practices. Any feedback for what you like and what you would like to see in these newsletters is welcomed.

We hope enjoy this addition to our communication!
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Math in Minutes

Have you seen these wonderful short clips explaining the larger, overarching concepts and strategies provided in math instruction? Our mathematics office has developed a wonderful resource that explains content in minutes (embedded below). The first video is an overview by the Coordinator of Mathematics, John SanGiovanni, who discusses the broad changes in math instructions.

Math in Minutes by Name and Order Embedded:

Decomposition of Numbers -

Addition with a Numbers Chart -

Subtractions with a Numbers Chart -

Addition on a Number Line -

Comparing Fractions Using Benchmarks -

Comparing Fractions with Common Numerators

Comparing Fractions by Reasoning -

Partial Products -
Partial Sums -
Has Common Core changed the way we approach math instruction?
Math in Minutes: Lesson 1 - Decomposition of Numbers
Math in Minutes: Lesson 2 - Addition with a Numbers Chart
Math in Minutes: Lesson 3 - Subtraction with a Numbers Chart
Math in Minutes: Lesson 4 - Addition on a Number Line
Math in Minutes: Lesson 5 - Comparing Fractions Using Benchmarks
Math in Minutes: Lesson 6 - Comparing Fractions with Common Numerators
Math in Minutes: Lesson 7 - Comparing Fractions by Reasoning
Math in Minutes: Lesson 9 - Partial Products
Math in Minutes: Lesson 10 - Partial Sums

HCPSS Family Mathematics Support Center

Mathematics - Instructional Placement Decisions

There are often questions around how students' instructional placement (on, above, below, GT) are determined. In order to assist in your understanding, I am sharing the data that is collected and the thought process used in order to determine placement.

A mathematics instructional level is determined by a student’s performance. Performance equally measures concepts, procedures, and application of mathematics.

Data used in determining placement:

  • Mathematics Learning Behaviors (These are in line with the Standards for Mathematical Practice)
  • Teacher selected assessments (exit tickets, observational checklists, rubrics, etc.)
  • Measure of Academic Progress (MAP)
  • PARCC (state assessment)
  • Number Readiness Assessment
  • CogAT assessment
  • Articulation with former math teachers as needed

Student placement is adjusted when evidence indicates it is appropriate regardless of time of year. Students moving after the beginning of the year would be provided supports as needed to adjust to the new placement.

Mathematics Resources - Reminders of resources

How do I best use the resources from HCPSS to support my child in Math?

HCPSS has two resources that are similar in content, can help you identify the standards that your child is working on, and provide resources to support practice at home. This information is also supported by your child’s math teacher when they post the standards for the month on their Canvas page, as well as in the "Curriculum by Weeks" link that is in every Hollifield Herald.

Family and Community Resources (Links by grade level below)

The first resource is the link to the Family and Community Resources page. This page has listed what your child will learn by Quarter. The title of each of the broad concepts is at the top of each section (ex. The Number System). There are links to web based games as well as ideas for activities to do. You have to click on “What Your Child Will Learn” under each content area. Below is a visual of Math and how it is displayed.

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Curriculum by Weeks gives me the Standard - Now What?

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You can also use the these documents to support the standards provided in the Curriculum by Weeks.
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Great Example of Video Support - Family Resource Pages

Does your 3rd grader understand what division means? - Milestones from GreatSchools
Can your 3rd grader do word problems like this? - Milestones from GreatSchools
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