Hardware & Software

By Mia Hayward

How is Hardware & Software used today?

Hardware & Software is very popular in the modern day. People don't always know that their phone is hardware and is filled with software.

The meaning of software is that, for example an app is software because you can not physically touch an app. So something you cannot touch physically is software.

However hardware is, for example your computer because you can physically touch it and makes the apps work.

So hardware cannot work without software and software cannot wok without hardware!

Input and Output

An input device is used by humans to be able to communicate with their hardware and what the computer receives. For example a keyboard is an input device for a computer because when you tap on the keyboard the letters you have pressed have been transported to the actual computer and that is how you have communicated with the computer. However, an retina scanner is used by your eyes and is transported to a computer by taking a picture of your eye and so instead of using your fingers, you can actually use your personal features to communicate with devices.

Other examples of input devices are:

  • Microphone - Have to speak into it and is used to project your voice so it is louder.
  • Cameras - Have to press the button to be able to take a picture.
  • Mouse - You use a mouse by moving the mouse and pointing in the direction that you want the mouse on the computer to be on the screen.

An output device is something that a computer sends so a printer, because it is going out of the computer. So the print button on the computer communicates with the printer and prints off what you asked it to print off. Another output device is speakers and instead of printing off images, with speakers you hear sound so speakers receive sound from and computers sound card or a phone by bluetoothing the phone to a speaker and produce an audio output in the form of sound waves

Other examples of output devices are:

  • Projector - The computer sends to the projector what it wants to be shown on the white board and is used for teaching and showing what is shown on the computer but on a bigger screen.
  • Plotters - Able to draw high quality drawings on very large pieces of paper and is used especially by engineers, architects, map drawers to be able to draw buildings also they can draw large scale maps.

What is Hardware & Software?

Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is a very popular software and is used for absolutely anything. To do with importing images to typing news reports. It was released in 1983 ad has been used for lots of things. Microsoft templates are very popular and you can make any colour and any font.

Microsoft word is software programme because you cannot physically touch it, however you can use it. Also Microsoft is a programme as well as PowerPoint and excel, every programme is software. However, an operating system is like windows because it shuts down the whole computer, if you shut down windows, then it would automatically shut down word because windows is the control of the computer and that is called an operating system.