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Lost Boy

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Topic: Child abuse, There is a lot of child abuse in this book the mom abuses her kid until he can't stand it, he gets beats by brooms, chemicals, and his brothers just watch. He finally tells the police and he gets taken away for a bit then he meets a social worker and they have to go to court. David gets taken taken away forever but his mom still runs through his mind.

prior knowledge

Topic:child abuse I know that kids around the world get abused each hour. They say at least 5 children die every day because of child abuse. In the book it's kind of the same thin Dave almost died but he was strong and pulled through for so many years. It is super important to learn this because most people that are in prison are either in because they got abused as a child and now thinks it is okay to do the same or whatever they want. Also most of them are in for abusing a child. I think it is not right to do that to a kid... I don't understand kids are loving,caring ,there for you when your down. As a parent you should do the same,why do parents think it is okay to do that to a kid especially at a young age most abuse starts when a kid is 3 all the way till 18 unless they tell someone. They don't tell someone because they are scared fighting for there lives to survive. I think that it would be help full to start a fundraiser to help kids that are in need.
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