Egyptian Prophet

Land of the Pyramid

About Egypt

I will be telling you about the country of Egypt. The population is 82.06 million people. One import is Crude Oil, and one export is machinery. One famous landmark are the Egyptians pyramids.

What is going on In the Middle East


One term I will use is silt. Silt is small particles of rich soil. One people it helps is the farmers because of the rich soil. The way it helps farmers is with the planting to help the crops grow.


The another term is Aquifer. Aquifer is underground rock layer that water flows though. It helps the farmers with watering there plant. When it is hot about a the farmers don't have time to water they let the aquifer do its job.

Three main crops of Egypt.

What are the three main crops of Egypt? The three main crops of Egypt are grains, vegetables, and fruits. Why do you need crops? They need crops to live so grains,vegetables,a nod fruits are all what we need to live

Three facts about Saudi Arabia

Three facts about Saudi Arabia. Largest country in Southwest Asia. No rivers or bodies of water in Saudi Arabia. Has an oil- based Economy that they get money off of.

Three facts about the Sahara Desert

Three facts about the Sahara Desert. Largest desert in the world. It is about the size of the U.S.A. It go's from Egypt to North Africa

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