Ariana Wilson 7th Period

Who is the inventor ?

Samuel Morse invented the Telegraph in 1837. He was an inventor as well as a painter. He used his intelectual skills for different past inventions.

How does the invention work?

The telegraph was the first communication device. It would send messages through a wire via. electricity. To send a message, an operator pressed a switch, sending a signal, which sent an electric current along a wire to the receiving machine.

What is the purpose of the invention?

The telegraph was used or a simpler communication and [or] easier communication. As ell as for a quicker transportation network.

Where and when did this invention occur?

The system was completed at The Whig Party, and publicaly used on May 24, 1844. The very first message said “What hath God wrought!”

Why was there a need for this invention?

The telegraph was a boost for technology in the 1800's. It gave Americans and soon the people of the world an easier way to communicate. The invention was very simple , and easy for the people to use,

Why is this invention important in history?

This invention had a huge impact on American technology. It led to many different and more profound inventions. It helped Americans with a quicker transportation route for messaging. To get information to spread around back then was really hard but the telegraph made it easier.


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