The Velveteen Rabbit

by:Margery Williams


If you like sad and interesting stories then you will like this book.Margery Williams wrote other books including The Price of Youth,Winterbound,Poor Cecco,Tales from a Finnish Tupa.This book is Fiction.


The main character is the velveteen rabbit.The other characters are the girl who owned the bunny and this boy who found the bunny.The settings are on the street and on a boat.The time was 1922.In the beginning there is a girl.She buys a rabbit(a stuffed animal)but when she was boarding a boat her rabbit got took out of her hands and some boys where teasing her when the rabbit flew in the water and you go on a journey with the rabbit far away from person to person to person.

Opinion of the Book

I liked how it was very interesting and sad at parts.I liked how it is coming from the rabbits point.I don't like how it almost made me cry at one part.I would not change the ending because the ending is so,so good that I just want to have tears of joy!


I would recommend this book to anyone who likes story's that are sad and interesting because the book is very sad at parts.