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Germany had been created by an act of the Congress of Vienna, on 8 June 1815. That was a result of the Napoleonic Wars, after being alluded to in article 6 of the 1814 Treaty of Paris. For 30 years Germany struggled with getting allied with Britain to be Europe´s leading industrial power.

What / when / where

The German colonial empire overthrew Africa, China, and the Pacific. After World War I a British League of Nations mandate, which in 1962 became independent.

how / why

Germany was a catalyst for the Scramble for Africa, causing chaos by conservative, independent, and thought out imperialism. While France and Britain were timeless rivals, used to competing for land and power, the addition of a unified Germany broke the rules, giving France and Britain something to be scared about and therefore giving them the fear to colonize, or start a scramble. Germany's desire to establish protectorates came from two schools of thought, both of which upset the balance of Europe. Finally, lacking any kind of established tradition.
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