Price's Press

March 20, 2015

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

Our reporters this week are Joey, Ben, Kate, Ali M., Emma, and Ali H. Our "Tweeter" for this week has been Sahana . Please follow us on Twitter @Superb4thGrade.

News You Can Use!

Happy spring break! I hope you all enjoy next week. Our son plays tennis for Cary-Grove High School so we will be staying in Cary. Our daughter will be home for the week and it is always nice to see her.

The week of March 30 will be a review week in Reading Street so there will not be a spelling test. Remember that on April 3 school will not be in session. It is a non-attendance day.

I hope you all enjoyed the Toys and Beyond newsletter. The students did a great job designing the toys and writing the newsletter. Thanks to those of you that shared your thoughts on Padlet. The kids enjoyed them.

I have included a link to our animal adaptations project. The class researched various habitats and found organisms that lived there. They worked with three other students on this research. Once the research was completed each student picked one of the animals. Then they used Photo Grid and Clarisketch to present what they learned about the animal. Clarisketch is a new app that allows the students to use a picture, add details, and comments. This project enhanced the learning and it was a wonderful way for the students to present information orally. We would like for you to learn as much as you can about animal adaptations from the projects.

Literacy by Ben

Monday March 16
Today we red " Encyclopedia Brown " . It was a pretty good story.

Tuesday March 17
Today we did a plot map for the story "Encyclopedia Brown".

Wednesday March 18
Today we did the 2nd read for "Encyclopedia Brown".

Thursday March 19
Today we learned about metaphors. We also made the story plot for our adventure story.

Friday March 20
Today we took a test and commented on kid blog. We also got to work on our adventure stories. Have a great spring break!!!!

Science by Ali H.

On Monday our class independently worked on a presentation. What we had to do is create a photo grid that describes an animal. Most of us went into the hall to record our voice of the animals adaptations. On Tuesday we got charts to fill in and think about what we learned in science so far. Then on Wednesday we had to adapt our animal to another habitat. During Thursday we worked on our final project. We had to make a poster labeling the adaptations our animal has. Our other choice was Play-Doh. We had to sculpt our animal and write an essay on adaptations for our animal. Lastly on Friday we continued to worked on our final project with adapting our animals! This is my science newsletter of our weekly schedule for science.

Math by Joey

Today is Monday, and in Mrs.Price's math class our class worked on comparing fractions with uncommon and common denominators. Before we did all of that we chose a partner and did six math boxes. The last thing we were going to do was play a math game, but we didn't get to that today. On Tuesday in math we finally got to play the math game. In the game you had to list fractions smallest to largest. Today on Wednesday we got to do a time test were we have to fill out as much multiplication answers as we can. Our teacher taught us how to subtract mixed numbers. Next she taught us how to add mixed numbers. Today in math it is Thursday and we learned how to make mixed numbers and fractions on a calculator. Then we got to do a math journal page with a partner. Today on Friday we got to pick a partner, play a fraction game and compare fractions. Then we did math box 8.3. At the end of math we got no homework over spring break.

P.E. by Ali M.

This week in P.E was very exciting! On Monday we played basketball golf. Basketball golf is where there are poly spots and from there you have to shoot and try to make a basket. On Tuesday we played T- ball. Where on one side of the gym there was throwing and on the other side of the gym there was batting. On Wednesday it was running day. And on Thursday in the gym we had cup stacking races with Mrs. Jacob's class. On Fri day we played a game that included lots of teamwork. On one side someone wold have to throw a ball into a basket that two people would be holding. Once they caught a ball they would put the ball between there heads and walk across the gym so they could put it on a red bucket. It was a fun week in gym!

Art by Emma

On Monday in art we worked on our molas. Molas are pieces of art Kuna women stitch. We are just doing them on paper though. Some people are still drawing their focal point and background and some are outlining with sharpie.
On Thursday we had new seating arrangements so we didn't have enough time to work on our molas.

Music by Kate

This week we did stations every day but Friday. Some of the stations we did were musical memory, staff twister, recorder karate, and journals. On Friday we did a singing slideshow. That is what we did in music this week.