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March 28, 2016

What's this?

I spend a lot of time curating resources. I read tweets, blogs, Facebook and Google+ posts, Medium, digital newsletters and magazines... and then what? I star, I favorite, I IFTTT my way into oblivion. While I do apply what I've read to my work, I don't always get the chance to share it to a broader audience. Much is sent to Pocket, my go-to service for saving things to "read later." We all know that being a member of a PLN is neat and fun, lurking is interesting for about five seconds, but the real power in networked learning is when contributions are made back to the community.

I'd love to eventually put together a subscription newsletter like my favorites Doug and Audrey and Laura and Stephen have done, but I'm not there yet. Until then, I'll share what's In My Pocket via Smore and my blog. If you see something interesting on the interwebs or have created something you'd like to see included here, send it my way. Enjoy!

Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions are fun. Here are a few I've been checking out recently:

Orange Slice - Rubrics are all the rage, the more project-based we become, the more creative we have to get with assessing things that probably don't need to be assessed. Ahem. But if you truly have a quality rubric and you even asked your kids to design it, well then use Orange Slice in conjunction with Google Apps to help keep track of everything. Great for peer editing too. Orange Slice Teacher and Orange Slice Student

One-Click Timer - Simple and easy and plays melodies when time's up.

Readability - Remove the clutter from your webpages and read on.

Checker Plus for Gmail - Many people wish Gmail included audio notifications. With Checker Plus, you can enable new mail notifications and more. I love that a dialog box pops up to indicate new mail has arrived, that I can read it right from my browser, delete it, or mark as read. Lots of features available!

P.S. I recently bought a new Chromebook and when I first started browsing, it seemed awfully slow to me. Curses!! This isn't what I signed up for! So I Googled possible solutions and the recommendation was to disable all of my extensions and then re-add them, one by one, thus revealing the culprit extension that was bogging down my browser. It worked! Extensions can be tricky beasts. And be sure to read their terms of use as well. Lots of hubbub regarding malware and Awesome Screenshot in the past, thus Awesome Screenshot Minus was born...

Dear Smore,

I would like to be able to use Command-K to add a hyperlink to text.

Love, Lyn

That Commonwealth of Old Pennsylvania - #50StatesAlbum - #Paperslide Music Video

PA Pride

Dr. Lodge McCannon was a recent keynoter at a local school's tech fest and this video circulated which I found to be an interesting way to share about a state's history, and then I wondered how many teachers would actually allow their students enough class time to create a song and rehearse and create visuals and video and edit and really do something like this.

Flipping for Flippity

I often share Google tips & tricks with teachers and the use of Flippity is one that always seems to excite people. Flippity works with Google Sheets templates and there are a variety of things you can do with it. Create a gameshow, organize class lists, create flashcards, and more recently, create custom spelling lists for review or practice. I am certainly not a fan of learning to spell words via lists and weekly tests. However if students know they repeatedly misspell a word (for me it's occur and occurred, if those had been on my Speak-n-Spell list in the 1980s I'd know them fluently like I do scissors and abscess), students can create their own lists and practice as needed. Click on demo and instructions to learn more about each Flippity service!
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A sea of sketch notes

Sylvia Duckworth is a very talented educator and artist, you've probably seen her sketch notes all over the Twitterverse. Check out her collection on Flickr, all licensed for sharing via Creative Commons.

Coming up....

I'm presenting for Simple K-12 on March 29 (Digital Storytelling), April 7 (Google Apps K-3), and April 30 (Google Drive Add-ons and Chrome Extensions). Join us!

You may also see my face at the Garden State Summit featuring Google for Education, EdCamp Lancaster, and the Wilson Core Connections Conference. Check them out!

Thanks for reading!

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