Romeo & Juliet

By Matthew Frost

Who is responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet?

I think it is friar laurence falt for Romeos and Juliet death (Act: II Scene: VI )

Friar laurence sets up the wedding for the two lovers and got them really close to each other.“Come, come with, and we will make short work; For by your leaves you shall not stay alone till holy church incorporate two in one.” (Act: IV Scene: I ) Friar laurence also sent a Friar to romeo to tell him that juliet is not really dead but the Friar was to slow and romeo got there first wear if he went to give it to romeo himself the plan would have worked. “Hold; get you gone, be strong and properous in this resolve: i’ll send a friar with speed to Mantua, with my letters to thy lord.”


It is the closest song i could find to what i talked about in the first assignment. and i feel it fits closly to Romeo and Juliet


i chose this movie because it is about to lovers that something tragic happens and one lover dies in very cold water and somewhat like romeo and juliet
Titanic Movie
Imagine Dragons - Warriors (Lyric Video)