Animal Farm

Arthur Olave


Napolean is a very strict dictator who likes to keep control over what happens over his farm. He makes sure that the animals think the best of him so that way they have a reason to stay. He also likes to live a luxury life as a pig. He eats with silverwear and also sleeps in a bed. Since he dosent like any disorder going around his farm he changes the commandments all the time. like the drinking one that he changed to "should not drink alchol exevely". Since the animals arent very smart they belive almost anything except the pigs thats why he keeps them living luxury. When he messes up he always blames it on snowball. So therefore thats why napolean is strict and cruel dictator.


Since napolean tookover he wanted to make a wind mill. He made construction plans and started the building the wind mill right away. But in the way there were many difficulties. The time when Fredrick broke in the farm and tore down the windmill. the animals put in a lot of hard labour. But the animals for the second time did the job and build it again but the wall was two times thicker.But in the battle they lost many normal animals and "soldier".

boxers death trip to the hospital

boxer the horse was basically the backbone of napoleans farm. He represented the hard working people of Russia. He was the one who put in a lot of work and set an example. when he had the accident while carrying bricks his lungs collapse. They took care of him for a little bit until that hospital van could pick him up to put him to sleep. Mean while since he had not much he could do to get better napolean decided that he wasn't needed no more.

the beast of england

Beast of england exited long before the animals more in old Major young years. It was a song to feed the fire of the animals revolution. They would sing it at meetings, After an animals death, and after battles. After nopolean took over the song beast of england was not permitted to be sang again. Napoleans reason was because the song was for their rebellion. The rebellion was now over so there was no reason to play it anymore. Nopleans ego had him replace that song and make it about him.