By: Alexandra Monir

About The Book

Suspicion is a great mix of fantasy and mystery. Even though I don't usually like mysteries, this one was really good. I really like the part where Imogen finds out she is going to be a Duchess. If you are looking for a book you can't put down, then get Suspicion. Publication Date: December 9, 2014 Even thought this book is 2 years old, I am surprised that it has not become a movie. "Suspicion is like a paranormal Princess diaries, only it’s also a gothic thriller. " says Steysha Kravits from
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the story

17 year old Imogen is a normal girl.... Except for the fact that she will soon be the Duchess of a large manor in England. Imogen leaves her adoptive family despite their protests. What will Imogen find there? Was what her father said 7 years ago true? Find out the dark secrets of the Rockford family in Alexandra Monir's "Suspicion".
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