Pre-K Newsletter

Ms. Adams, Mrs. Taylor, Ms. Crixell

Important Dates

10/11-10/28- Storybook Pumpkin Patch

10/14-Inflatable Party during recess

10/21- Multicultural Parent/ Guardian Potluck

10/24-10/28- Red Ribbon Week

10/28- Book Character Day!

10/28- Trunk or Treat

10/31- No school! (teacher work day)

11/1- No school! (teacher work day)

11/11-Veterans Day Assembly

11/19-11/27- Thanksgiving Break

We are starting Family Read Alouds on Fridays at 8:00am!

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Use the QR code on the flyer above or click HERE to RSVP!

Book Character Day!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Bear Creek Elementary is excited to announce that we will be having a Book Character Dress Up day on Friday, October 28, 2022. On that day, each student should come to school dressed up as a character from a favorite book. Please NO SCARY, VIOLENT, or GROSS costumes. Also, please no masks or face paint. We want this day to be fun and filled with learning about different books.

These costumes do not have to be elaborate or expensive. A simple homemade costume is perfectly fine. Please have Your child bring a copy of the book to class that day if they have it.

We are excited to see the creativity of our students. This day is always so much fun! If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

Thank you!

Bear Creek

Elementary School

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Family Read Aloud

We are starting our Family Read Alouds! If you would like to come read to your child's class please fill this form out!

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Lunch Visitor Sign Up

Lunch Visitors:

  • If you want to eat lunch with your child, please complete the SignUp Genius. We have a limited number of visitor tables set up for each lunch period. Visitors must sit at a designated table with their child.
  • Here is the SignUp Genius for October, beginning next week.
  • You must bring a valid ID when you come to check in for lunch visits.
  • Thank you for your support!

What We Are Learning About This Week:

As we continue our theme of “My Family and Friends”, this week we will explore friends and friendship. We will think about how friends are alike and different and how to make and keep friends.


The Pre-K Team:)

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  • Front doors will open at 7:25 a.m. and students will walk directly to their classroom unless they are eating breakfast. There will be teachers and administrators who will help direct your child to the Pre-K hall.

  • It is important to be on time as learning begins at 7:40 a.m

If you receive a phone call at the end of the day from the school, it is more than likely Ms. Adams or Mrs. Taylor calling for the positive phone call of the day! We are working so hard on rewarding good behavior, so we pick one kid each day to call home and tell you about the great things they did!


  • School gets out at 3:00 at the bus loop. If you are not here by 3:20 you will need to go to the office to pick up your child.

  • Please have your blue dismissal sign ready when you pick up your child whether you come in a car (must stay in your car) or walk up.

  • Teachers MUST call your child’s name before they may leave.

  • For changes in your child’s transportation, please do one of the following:

    • call the office 817-305-4860

    • email your child’s teacher

    • send a note to school with your child.

  • If you have notified the teacher that a different person will be picking up, please be sure that person has your child’s dismissal sign. This is their ticket for picking up your child.


Please no food items- only send non edible treats (Small toys, stickers etc)

Marquee Birthday Message

  • Cost: $10

  • Form must be turned one week prior to birthday message

  • Summer birthdays can be done on students’ ½ birthday or anytime throughout the school year except during the months of August and May.


Extra Lunch Money:

  • Want your child to be able to buy snacks or extra items at lunch time. Payments may be entered online at

  • Lunch menu can be found on the GCISD website along with a form to fill out if you would like to place restrictions on your child’s lunch account (ex. limiting desserts, snacks, etc.)

Link to Lunch Menu and Restrictions Form


* Please be sure to pack a snack for your child everyday.

* No nuts!

* No juice/anything except for water

* Food must be solid (no yogurt/applesauce)

Since we have snack time in our classroom these rules will help keep our room clean and our friends safe!

Shoes & Clothes

*Be sure they have tennis shoes EVERY DAY

to wear during P.E. and recess. (This means no crocs either)

*Be sure to send a change of weather appropriate clothes with underwear, and socks in your child’s backpack for unforeseen incidents (accidents, mud, who knows?)

*Please practice putting on new articles of clothing at home first. (jeans, buckles, zippers, etc.)

P.S: Students should be bringing their backpacks every day!

Important Information

  1. Be sure to leave all toys, jewelry, key chains, fidget spinners and electronic devices at home. These can be distracting and risk getting lost if brought to school. Teachers are not responsible for lost student toys.

  2. Please write your child’s first and last name on things you send to school: mask, lunchboxes, jackets, backpacks, snacks, water bottles, etc. This will help us return lost items ASAP ☺


Pre-Kindergarteners are encouraged to be independent. They should be able to:

  • Take care of own bathroom needs

  • Do their morning jobs (put away folders, carry and put away backpack, etc.)

  • Button, zip and snap own clothing, buckle their belts, and tie/velcro their shoes.

Daily Folders

  • Students will take these to and from school DAILY!

  • Please initial calendar every night! Even on the good days! ☺

  • Please remember to empty the folder every night.

  • Always check for important information, dates, classwork, etc.

  • Set up a nightly routine for going through the daily folder and discussing your child’s day together.


Please notify the front office and/or your child’s teacher via email or note.

  • Please provide a doctor’s note if your child is out sick more than 3 consecutive days.


* Please send an email to one of your child’s teachers
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