Auschwitz Research

Andrew Parker

Statistics and Purpose

The purpose of Auschwitz was to exterminate as many Jews as possible. It did this by gas chambers or crematoriums led by horrible Nazi leaders. Also, horribly inhumane medical experiments were conducted by people such as Josef Mengele. Auschwitz was responsible for the death of about 1,100,000 Jews and 200,000 others. Almost all of these victims were from the Polis-Soviet Area or Germany.

Important Figures

Daily Life

The prisoners woke before dawn and were forced to make their own beds. Then, they were given their ration for breakfast before the second roll call. They were all then escorted to their work sitres by SS Guards with police dogs. The prisoners worked 11-12 hour days, with only one break for lucnh. During this break, they were given a soup (a quart of water with carrots and rutabagas. After lunch, they worked until dusk, at which time there was a four hour evening roll call. The last meal of the day was bread with rotten salami and jam, and sometimes rotten cheese was included. The camps had no heat or running water and only a few toilets that the prisoners had access to for a monitored ten seconds.