MBHS Spanish 1

This Week in Señora's Class...

Hitting the Ground Running!

Welcome back to the final quarter of school! Today we eased the students back into Spanish with Duolingo and we added a flip book of notes over Stem-Change Verbs that we will work on in the coming weeks.

This week we will start a new story telling unit and cover the following structures:

  • habla- s/he talks (speaks)
  • toma- s/he takes
  • quiere ser- s/he wants to be
We are also getting back into authentic Latin music with Me Voy by Julieta Venegas and

Quiero Ser by Amaia Montero!

I know a lot of students have been missing the real stuff :)

YES, TUTORING is Available!!

I am always available after school for students to come for extra help over any concepts, to make up an assignment, work on Duolingo, etc.

There is a late bus that runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I stay daily until around 3:45.

Mornings are strictly by appointment and students must have a pass.

A Few Changes to Note

  • This quarter we will still be doing weekly Duolingo as the only assigned homework but we will NO LONGER allow students to make up weeks they have missed. Honestly, Duolingo takes about 20-30 minutes a week and students are able to work on 10 XP at a time. 97% of my students have a laptop and/or smartphone to use; I keep 3 laptops for student use in the room; and there are computers in the library they can access during lunch or after school.
  • Students will only have a 1 week window to make up any assignment missed due to an absence. It is the student's responsibility to find out what they missed.
  • Notebook checks will be happening more often- usually every other week over the notes covered during that time. This is a grade for which no late submissions will be accepted (unless a student was absent the day it was due).

Is Your Child Signed Up to Receive Remind Texts?

There are still several students that have not signed up to receive texts from Remind.com. I will send out reminders from time to time about assignments that are due and Remind is a great way to be aware of what is happening in class. If you'd also like to receive remind texts, please let me know and I can send you a link to sign up.

Tell Your Kids to Check Their Email Daily!