The Tedd Party

I'll try my hardest, but I can't promise anything....

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Vote for the one and only Christian Tedd!!!

Christian grew up a political lover, who would one day seek greatness. This greatness of which being the only person to get a whole entire political party named after him. Vote for Christian Tedd, and you might get a political party named after you some day!

Tedd Party Platform Planks

  • Criminal Justice - This party feels there should be fewer people in prison and more attending rehabilitation.

  • Terrorism - The Tedd Party isn’t alone when they say terrorism must be stop

  • College Costs - The Tedd party believes that lowering the prices on college tuition and completely getting rid of debt is ideal.

  • Balancing the Budget - With an already whopping amount of 19 trillion dollars in debt, the Republican party is as of now already trying to get rid of our debt.

  • The Right to bear arms - This party upholds this amendment.

  • Privacy - This party believes that privacy is very important but must be checked on regularly.

  • Military - Protecting America is of the utmost importance , and a strong army is what we need.

  • Political Reform - This party will clamp down on political dishonesty, and bolster voices of those who need to be heard.

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