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The wheels history

The Sumerians figured out that if they could prop the edge of a heavy crate up onto a long log-shaped object, they would be able to roll the load over the object and move it forward.

The Sumerians next invention was called “The Sledge.” It did not have a roller. Instead, they took their crate and attached a base with runners under it so that it resembled a large sled. The front edges of these runners were curved up like skis. Because of this curve, the runners slid more easily across the ground.

The Sumerians came up with a terrific idea: Why not actually cut grooves where you want the runners to ride on the roller?

What the Sumerians ended up with was a two-wheeled cart. This was later developed into a chariot that could be pulled by a horse or donkey. Other surrounding civilizations copied the design and quickly adapted the wheel to the needs of their own cultures.