Kens Precision Auto Care

An Auto Shop That Cares!

An Automotive Repair Shop That Cares!

Fluids wear out, belts dry out and crack, tires come out of balance, air filters clog, sensors go out, the list goes on and on. Fortunately for you Precision Auto Care is here to take care of EVERY automotive need or question you can bring our way.

When's the last time you checked to see if your car was sick?

Just like people, cars break down and need care to get back to optimum working conditions. With the seasons changing, getting your car cleared for the Winter should be at the top of your list of priorities.

Ask yourself;

When is the last time I changed the fluids in the vehicle(transmission, brakes, power steering, coolant, oil)?

When was the last time you had a diagnostic performed on your vehicle to ensure you are getting optimum gas mileage?

Have you noticed any noises develop lately that sound unusual or maybe grinding from the brakes or puddles in the driveway?

Remember that peace of mind you used to have with your vehicle, always knowing it would be there for you when you needed it? Call us at 6234636441 or bring it by!

Bring Back That Peace of Mind