Westward migration

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Why did the California Gold Rush and the discovery of the Comstock Lode bring settlers out west?

The California Gold Rush was the first major spike in the interest of gold. soon gold was being discovered in many places all over the west. Drawing peoples attention to get rich quick.
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Indian wars

Pequot war: During this battle over 700 Native Americans were sacrificed and the remainder were sold into bondage.

King Phillips war: King Phillips attempt to force movement of the Native Americans failed. It caused vast casualties on both sides and led to his own death.

French & Indian war: This battle was fought mainly for land purposes. A small portion of each Indian tribe sided with the French against the colonist.

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How did the Dawes Act attempt to Americanize the Indians?

The Dawes act made an attempt to Americanize Native Americans by stripping away there customs. Many Native Americans lost their land and were forced to relocate.
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The main point of Helen Hunt Jackson's "Century of Dishonor."

Helen Hunt Jackson's main point for writing the literature "century of dishonor" was to bring awareness to the treatment of the Native Americans.