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The Basic Information

Shattered is a mystery game, following the murder (shattering) of the Mayor of a town. All the characters are made out of pure porcelain. The main idea of this story is related to Domestic Abuse in relationships. This would be shown through cracks in characters. The deeper or larger their cracks are, the more abuse they are receiving. (The Mayor ends up being shattered by such an event, as it ends up being discovered.) Two detective partners are hired to find the murderer, and be done in time to continue their way to the next case which is miles ahead. This can be played on any game format. (PC, XBox, PlayStation, Nintendo DS, etc.) At the beginning, the player is given a choice between Damien or Piper (male or female character). This choice could possibly affect the game as a whole, depending on how you play.

For this scene, we are looking at the climatic discovery investigation scene, where the Mayor's murderer is revealed. This scene is in Piper's Point of View, and the player sees through her eyes except for some parts of cut scenes that explain extra information or a transition. Though this scene does not display it, the player is given dialogue that can be spoken during some cut scenes, but not all.