by Carolina

Feeding a Giraffe

Giraffes are herbivores. Herbivores are plant eaters. Giraffes don't drink much water. Giraffes get most of the moisture they when they eat the green grass. Each day, a giraffe eats about 75 pounds of leaves and grass. Giraffes eat green leaves so they don't have to drink much water.

Beautiful Animals

Giraffes are beautiful animals that people like to look at. They have a long neck and long legs. Not all giraffes are alike. They have different spot patterns. Giraffes are friendly animals.

How giraffes grow

By the time a giraffe is one year old, it can be ten feet tall. Each day it eats about 75 pounds. An adult giraffe is about 5 children tale. Giraffes grow tall.

Fun facts

*A group of giraffes is called a journey.

*Giraffes can see for miles. That is why zebras and gazelles are always found nearby. The giraffes can spot enemies.

*There are nine types of different giraffes.

*Giraffes are interesting.

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