Mars Orbiter Mission

Mangalyaan - Mars Craft.


      • K. Radhakrishan – Chairman, ISRO
      • A. S. Kiran Kumar – Director, SAC[29]
      • V. Adimurthy - Mission Concept Designer, MOM[30]
      • Mylswamy Annadurai – Programme Director, MOM
      • B. S. Chandrashekar – Director, ISTRAC
      • P. Robert – Operations Director, MOM
      • Subbiah Arunan – Project Director, MOM
      • V. Kesavaraju – Post-Launch Mission Director, MOM
      • P. Ekambaram – Operations Director, MOM
      • P. Kunhikrishnan – Launch Mission Director, PSLV-XL
      • S. K. Shivkumar – Orbiting payload Director, ISAC
      • B. Jayakumara – Launch Vehicle Director, PSLV


        The primary objective of the Mars Orbiter Mission is to showcase India's rocket launch systems, spacecraft-building and operations capabilities. Specifically, the primary objective is to develop the technologies required for design, planning, management and operations of an interplanetary mission, comprising the following major tasks:

        • design and realisation of a Mars orbiter with a capability to perform Earth-bound manoeuvres, cruise phase of 300 days, Mars orbit insertion / capture, and on-orbit phase around Mars;
        • deep-space communication, navigation, mission planning and management;
        • incorporate autonomous features to handle contingency situations.

        The secondary objective is to explore Mars' surface features, morphology, mineralogy and Martian atmosphere using indigenous scientific instruments.

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