Looking for a babysitter?

I'd love to be your babysitter!

When I babysit your children I will bring the supplies that I know I will need.

I have been told that I was the best babysitter anyone has ever seen, but I haven't had a a real job and I was hoping that you could be my next one!

My name is Julia. I am 12 years old. I am very good with children! I would love to babysit for you and I promise I will give 100% of my attention to your children. I am trustworthy, reliable, loyal, responsible, and a great loving person. I can help your child learn and grow. I can also do simple housework (cleaning, dog walking, some simple cooking) when your child is resting. Because I am involved in many sports, I am only available on the weekends. I am looking for work in the Milford, PA area and I am available on short notice as well.

Let me be your new babysitter.

I almost have a completely open schedule for you children throughout the weekend. This is when I am available!

Fridays: 4:00-11:00

Saturdays: 10:00- 8:00

Sunday: 10:00-8:00

I charge $8.00 an hour.


I have had a lot of experience watching children since I have a younger sister and three younger cousins. I have watched children from age 3-10. I am responsible and attentive and would love it if you would consider me your next babysitter.