The Learning Framework


*Design multiple pathways to achieve standards


*Independent study

*Blended Learning

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*Learners' work displayed digitally in public areas of the facility

*Inviting spaces throughout the facility that promote collaboration and comfort

*Flexibility to create own workspace - paint classrooms, hallways, etc

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Social Emotional

*Full campus-wide implementation of Great Expectations

*School and Class mission statements created by learners

*Common standards throughout campus of manners, etiquette and social norms

*Character education

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*All families will receive a phone call or home visit at the beginning of the school year

*Community mentors available

*Career day

*Database of community resources for all subject areas

*Outreach to at-risk families

*Parent Celebration Days by grade level

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Support Structures

*Time dedicated to pure lesson design without agendas provided by those not in the classroom

*Staff development should be chosen by teachers based upon what we need at the time to support learners

*Team teaching across and within disciplines

*Master teacher collaboration

*Vertical alignment with elementary and high school

*Interdisciplinary facilitation

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