Christianity is a religion that believes in only one god and the followers to this religion are Christians,but most of all, the God they pray, is the God of Abraham.The Christians believe that their one god is divided by three states and that's the trinity Father,Son,and Holy spirit,they pray to their God mostly to forgive them of what they did.their holy book is called the Bible, the Bible is divided into two chapters the old testament and the new testament, the new testament is about Jesus and the lessons that we learned from him when he was alive in the time.Some of the things that Christians do is Baptism,Baptism has to do with water and this supposed to mark your entry or information,Christians also come together and repeat what happened at the last supper but they don't create what really happened but they repeat what Jesus said at the last supper, the last supper was supposed to be Jesus last day and his last supper before he died. Christians go to churches to worship God[God of Abraham] and they only go to Sunday morning.Some of the Holidays we know like Christmas or Easter,Christmas is supposed to be the birth of Jesus,Easter is when Jesus died and resurected from the dead.Jerusalem is the place where Jesus crucification, Bethleham was the place where Jesus was born at.