Recycling limits in Davidson County

Sam Arnette

Items that CAN be recycled in Davidson County;

- Any paper products, even shredded paper may be recycled but only if it's in a clear plastic bag.
- Aluminum cans
- Any plastic / plastic containers
- Any glass / glass bottles
- Any metal
- Cardboard (If large break it down first)
- Magazines
- Phone books
- Junk mail

Items that CANNOT be recycled in Davidson County;

- Yard waste (Lawn clippings, shrubbery, tree limbs)
- Woods
- Liquids
- Food waste and residue
- Hazardous products (Baby diapers, restroom waste)
- Used motor oil
- TV's
- Batteries
- Tires
- Styrofoam products
- Construction debris
- Fluorescent light bulbs