The benefits of swimming

swimming is one kind of sports , swimming can changes your body because it apart of sports but the Special , when you swim, all your Muscles is moves . swim have four kinds

1. Butterfly swimming

2.free swimming

3.back swimming

4.chest swimming

thats kinds of swimming also it can change all Muscles on you body.must people can swim . can swim in the pool or sea . but important to learn a true swimming dont forget : dont go to sea, pools , of you can,t swim . must guy like to swim also we know that thousands of people like to participate in Olympic . in addation if you swim , you will have an amazing body , and you can lost weight . and you wil have a sound healthy .

my comment

All people can swim . boys,girls, women,men . i advise us to swim and if you cant swim go to swimming teacher and ask her to teach you . dont forger swimming is important to you body and life you can change your life and body if you swim . swim kind of sports but it in the water .
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