Havana's modern Culture

By Madison Thomas

Culture of Havana

While visting Havana I decided to take a closer look at the interesting culture.

They have many places you can visit. They have museums, plalaces, public squares and churches. The largest fortresse in Central America, the ballet, art festivals and more. The restoration of old Havana offerd more attractions. Like the museum of the House of Relics of the Cuban Revolution.

Culture of havana

The National Musiun of Arts is the largest collections of paintings and sculptures in Latin America. Havana has a central park which is the Barque Great Theater. It was a prominent theater built in 1837. There is a cruise that I would love to take called. "The Gemini Cruise" in the Havana Harbor.

Culture of Havana

In Havana they have many festivals too. One is the International Ballet Festival of Havana. Another one is the International Jazz Festival. I would love to come back here during one of these festivals. I would also like to see Havana's Carnival. The pictures of all the floats and dancers look amazing.

Havana has attracted many tourest. In 2010 1,176,627 people vistied Havana. The increase was due to a large part of Cuba's proximity to the United States. Havana was a great place to visit. I would really enjoy going back again to explore more of this city.