The Importance of rules

in the past, present, and future.

Essential Question:

What are the purpose of school rules and how do they effect the school community when abused?

The main points of law.

-To protect the citizens from hurting others.

-To ensure that the citizens don't harm themselves.

-To present equality among the people.

-To allow the grants of goods to the citizens.

-To protect the government and their personal affairs.

School rules are important in society because...

They provide a set of morals for the up and coming generations and present guidelines so the school is more organized than chaotic. In the case that the rules are abused it's vice-versa or the other way around. Finally they prepare the students for what will be expected of them later in life.

Opposing viewpoints on rules.

Positive viewpoint: Tom Head, a civil liberties expert states rules are important because "they protect people from being harmed by others".

Negative viewpoint: Karen Hardison says that people without restrictions "develop in to the most independent and creatively intelligent".

The effect of rules in the past.

According to the "social rule system theory" a civilized society cannot exist without rules. That being said it's reasonable to believe that in the past, rules have helped in shaping the peaceful and well organized societies.

The effect of rules today.

People now rely on them because they are seen as an essential part in creating a civilized society. They may also be largely to blame for the eventual increase in crimes because some people don't like being restricted by rules and feel it necessary to break them.

The effect rules may have in the future.

The general amount of current public opinion favors some sort of rule system. This means most likely we will keep a rule system similar to what we have today and rules will continue to both protect and frustrate us. There is a smaller chance that our rule system will deteriorate until the world falls to anarchy, but you can never quite tell.


In conclusion the point of our project was to not only explain the importance of rules in schools, but also in society. In addition to also explain their importance in the past, their importance now, and what we might hope to see of their relevance in the generations to come.