First Grade News!

April 2019

Meet the First Grade Team!

Welcome to the First Grade Newsletter! We will update this at the beginning of each new unit. Please check back frequently to see what we are working on at school and important dates.


The First Grade Team


First grade has Specials (Music, P.E., Art) from 11:10-12:05

Lunch is as follows:

Mrs. Sherrill 12:25-1:00

Ms. Sherwood 12:30-1:05

Mrs. Smock 12:35-1:10


Unit 6

Word Work

Digraphs blends- Practice reading and saying words that have the spelling of... oo, ew, ou, aw, au.

Silent Letters- Practice reading words that use wr, kn, & gn. I.E. knight, wright, & gnaw.


Strategies- Reread :Sometimes you misread a word or miss an important point. You can back up and reread the passage.

Visualize: Use pictures and words in the story to help make pictures in their minds about what is happening.

Skill: Theme- The message that the author want to share with the reader. Authors Purpose - the reason why an author writes a text. Such as the entertain, to inform, or to persuade.

Unit 5

Word Work

R- controlled vowels- Practice saying and reading 3-5 short words with ar, ur, & or.

I.E. fur, car, worm

Identify rhyming words and create a rhyme I.E. Bake-Cake-Rake

Phoneme Blending - You sound out what each letter one at a time and then blend the sounds together without pausing.


Strategies - Make and Confirm Predictions ( as you read make predictions about what will happen next. )

Skill- Plot/Cause & effect ( Cause is an event that makes something happen. An effect is what happens. )

Unit 4

Word Work

ABC Order- (no more then 5 words)

Blending words with 3-5 sounds

Phoneme Substitution and Deletion ( Say the word and replace the word with a new letter or remove the sound. I.E. cat take away the /c/ now you have at. Or cat change the /c/ to /b/ now you have bat.


Strategies- Ask & Answer Questions ( As they read, you can ask questions and look for the answers Before, During, & After the story)

Skill- Sequencing ( what happened first...), main idea ( what was the story about) & story details ( something important that happened in the story.)

Sight Words

Week of March 4th (w1)- four, large, none, only, put, round

Week of March 11th (w2)- another. climb, full, great, poor, through

Week of March 18th Spring Break

Week of March 25th (w3)- began, better, guess, learn, right, sure

Week of April 1st (w4)- color, early, instead, nothing, oh, thought

Week of April 8th (w5)- above, build, fall, knew, money, toward

Week of April 15th (w1)- answer, brought, busy, door, enough, eyes

Week of April 22nd (w2)- bother, father, friend, love, mother, picture

Week of April 29th (wk3)- been, children, month, question, their, year

Week of May 6th (wk4)- before, front, heard, push, tomorrow, your

Week of May 13th (wk5)- favorite, few, gone, surprise, wonder, young


Current Skills

Chapter 12: Time and Money

April1-April 17

In this chapter students will learn to read digital and analog clocks to the hour and half hour.

Students will also learn to identify coins and state their value. They will be able to identify the value of a collection of like coins (only penny, nickels, and dimes).

Previous Skills Taught

Chapter 11: Represent and Interpret Data

The students will read and make bar graphs, tally charts, and picture graphs. As well as organize and use data from graphs to answer questions.

Chapter 10: Measure and Compare Lengths

The students will need to order three objects by length, indirectly compare the lengths of two objects, use same-size length units to measure the length of an object and measure an object with no gaps or overlays.

This chapter has six lessons. The test is scheduled for Thursday, March 7th.

At home, you can practice measuring items around the house using materials that are the same size, such as paperclips, bobby pins, crayons, or markers (for bigger objects). If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.

Looking Ahead

April 18th- * Start of ABC Countdown (pink sheet)*

April 26th- PTO PJ Day and Snack Train

April 29th- May 3rd- PTO Dare Week

May 10th- PTO PJ Day

May 17th- Global Play Day, PTO Snack Train

May 20th-Super Kids Day

May 23rd- Last Day of School

Classroom Wish Lists

Mrs. Smock-- Germ-X, Colored Cardstock, Black Dry Erase Markers, Glue sticks

Ms. Sherwood- Dollar Tree gift card. Small toys for redeeming like slime, legos, or squish balls. Construction paper as well would be great! As always, snacks are always appreciated.

Mrs. Sherrill- Germ-X refill, white card stock, black dry erase markers, 7-Eleven gift cards (students buy icees for ticket rewards)