Be Defenders Not Bystanders, Be With us.

Most Bullying Ways...

There are many different types of bullying ways, that people use. The most common are, cyber, physical, and, social/verbal. Cyber bullying means bullying online. Sending mean text messages and more are cyber bullying. Pushing, shoving and touching other people are physical bullying. Social/verbal means talking and saying means words to them. Or making rumors about people are also bullying.

How to Prevent Bullying

Most people don't like sticking up for people who are being bullied because the bully can get you too. It's better to be a defender than a bystander. If you see someone sitting alone at the cafeteria maybe you should try sitting with them. You never now maybe it can save a life.

Types of Bullying

Be A Teen Activists

Be A Teen Avivist

Kids like Alex Libby got physical bullied he got mostly bullied on the bus. Most of the kids that bullied Alex was from his elementary school that he went to. And he said most of the kids that bullied him were elementary friends. The bully’s at his school also socially/verbally bullied him. They threaten him to break his bones, sexually assault him, and to kill him.
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Teen Avtivism

A teen activist is someone that is proactive, helpful, and they never give up. Help and be a teen activist, prevent bullying. Emily Anne was also bullied and she made a website called WeStopHate.com to stop bullying. She has spoken in many events about bullying. Her goal is to stop bullying and be teen activist.