CSS Community Updates

October 22nd

Upcoming Event Dates

  • October 25th CSS Site Council Meeting
  • October 25th and 26th Mid Level Elective Forecasting
  • October 29 Principal Coffee Chat at Berrydale - All Families Welcome
  • November 1st Native American Heritage Month Begins
  • November 1st Spirit Day - Cozy Day!
  • November 5th - No School, Planning Day

Principal's Update

One of my favorite parts of the fall is soccer season. I played soccer most of my youth and this fall I enjoyed watching two of my kids playing on their high school team and ended up being assistant coach of my youngest son's team the Thunder Unicorns. One of the highlights of my week was playing goalie for our scrimmage at the end of practice, although I did let a few goals in. I hope you are also enjoying your fall traditions in your community.

Next Thursday (10/28), the Southeast Guiding Coalition will release proposed scenarios on rebalancing in Southeast schools to the public. As a result, we are shifting the K-2 coffee chat to be open to all K-8 families to stop by. Area Senior Director, Karl Logan, will be present as well to help provide information about the scenarios and answer questions.

Have a restful weekend.

Dr. Mize

Spirit Day Update from CSS Leadership

After thinking about our CSS community and traditions, we have decided to make a change to our previously scheduled spirit day. We will no longer be having a costume day on Friday, October 29th. Instead, we will be having our next spirit day on Monday, November 1st. The theme will be "cozy day." Students can come to school on Monday wearing their pajamas or a comfy & cozy outfit. As always, clothing should be school appropriate and not distract from learning. Thanks for your flexibility as we try to make choices that are best for all students.

Looking for Family Volunteers: Finishing the Gym for 6ft Distance During Rainy Day Indoor Lunch

A huge thank you to our CSS volunteers who came over and helped prepare our gym for 6ft. of distance during Rainy Day Indoor Lunch this week!

To keep students safe during rainy day indoor lunch, we will be moving to 6ft of space between students. This means that we will be using both the gym and cafeteria on days that we are unable to eat outside due to rain/inclement weather.

We are looking for family volunteers who can complete this project. It involves taping eating locations on the gym floor. We are looking for volunteers on the following dates/times:

  • Wednesday, October 27 between the hours of 4:00-6:00 PM
  • Thursday October 28 between the hours of 10:45-3:15 PM.

Please email Andrew Dauch, assistant principal if you are interested. adauch@pps.net

Mid-level Forecasting for Q2: Information and Timeline

We're getting ready to start forecasting for mid-level students for Quarter 2. Listed below is some important information.

Quarter 2 required classes:

  • 6th grade- Health (for all 6th grade students)
  • 7th grade- Movement
  • 8th Grade- Health

Electives for Quarter 2:

  • Yearbook - Ms. Golden
  • Electronic Music Production - Matt
  • Leadership - Ms. Skybak/Year-long
  • Health - 6th and 8th Grade
  • Spanish - Mr. Ventura
  • Art - Ms. Mica
  • Rock the Doc - Ms. Axon
  • Movement - 7th Grade
  • Spanish - 8th Grade/Year-long

Students have four core classes: Humanities (Social Sciences & Language Arts), Math, & Science. All students will be required to take one quarter of PE and Health during the year. Spanish is year-long and only available to 8th Grade students. Spanish will take up 4 of your electives throughout the year. Leadership is also a year-long class, and will also take up 4 of your electives throughout the year.

Elective classes are subject to change depending on the level of interest and district requirements. Students will rank elective choices starting with "1st" as their first choice and "4th" as their last choice. All mid-level students will complete the electronic forecasting document on either 10/25 or 10/26 in their advisory class. We will also email mid-level families a copy of the forecasting sheet on Monday 10/25.

After you receive your final schedule and would like to be considered for a different elective, first please talk directly to the teacher about your concern. If you would like your request to be considered after speaking with the teacher, please email Andrew Dauch, Assistant Principal adauch@pps.net

Forecasting Timeline

10/25 & 10/26 - All mid-level students will complete their electronic forecasting sheet during Advisory

10/27 - Counselor Casey will meet with students who did not complete the document

11/5 - Individual Quarter 2 schedules will be available in Synergy

11/8 - Hard copies of individual student schedules will be available before school on the south playground

If you have questions about forecasting, please contact Andrew Dauch, Assistant Principal at adauch@pps.net


Here is the link to our CSS Amazon Wishlist. https://a.co/fnJsV1k We have updated some items like trash grabbers for outdoor lunches and sweatpants for students who need a change of clothes unexpectedly. There are descriptions for each item. If you do not want to purchase via Amazon but already have one of these items gently used that you would like to donate we will take that as well! The sizes and quantities are listed in the wishlist. Thank you!

Reminder! Submit Your Online Yearly Verification

Thank you to everyone who has completed your student's Online Yearly Verification in ParentVue. This is very important so that your contact information and emergency contacts are up to date. If you have not already done so, please complete this in ParentVue. Here is a link to sign in: https://www.pps.net/Page/2341 If you have any questions or need your ParentVue activation key, email jgoebel@pps.net
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Coffee Chat with Principal Mize and our Area Director Karl Logan

Friday, Oct. 29th, 9am

9004 Southeast Taylor Street

Portland, OR

Next Thursday (10/28), the Southeast Guiding Coalition will release proposed scenarios on rebalancing in Southeast schools to the public. As a result, we are shifting the K-2 coffee chat to be open to all K-8 families to stop by. Area Senior Director, Karl Logan, will be present as well to help provide information about the scenarios and answer questions.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

OHSU Screening

Creative Science School Weekly Screening Schedule

We have begun to receive OHSU labels. We have also been notified that due to the volume of schools/students signing up for the screening OHSU is behind on creating labels. Thank you for your patience. Please note: Not all students who signed up have received labels yet from OHSU. When these are delivered they will go home on Fridays.

Please keep these labels at home to attach to your student's sample. There are detailed directions linked here and attached to your labels. You will not get a test kit until you get labels.

If you get a test kit on Monday. Perform the spit test on Tuesday morning and then bring the sample to school that morning.

On Tuesday mornings, a district representative will be in the front of the school with a sign and a cooler for families to collect the samples during drop-off from 8:30-9am.

You can find sample collection instructions here.

Test kits go home on Mondays.

Please do the spit test on Tuesday morning and bring it to school for drop off on Tuesdays between 8:30 am and 9 am. We cannot take test kits after this time.

Keep your labels and please label your own student’s tube. Thank you.

OHSU expects to provide families with results within 48 hours of the specimen being dropped off at the school. You will receive a secure email with your child's results. Please be sure the primary email addresses are updated and you have the correct email address noted that you wish results to go to.

  1. If it is a positive result, you will need to call the CSS nurse’s office and inform them immediately and follow the guidance provided to you. You will be asked to keep your child home from school. 503-916-6431 ext. 73339

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We are beginning to put out requests for volunteers to the CSS community. We will only utilize essential volunteers at this time to carry out school functions. All volunteers are background checked, required to show proof of vaccination, and must comply with all safety protocols while in the school. You will need to be currently approved through PPS. Sign up to be an approved volunteer here. Approval only lasts three years so if it has been a while please re-submit.


TAG Nomination Process for the 2021-2022 School Year

  • If you are interested in nominating your child for TAG for this year, please email Andrew Dauch, Assistant principal, and he will email you an electronic TAG nomination form. Family nomination forms must be completed by December 1, 2021. Andrew's email address is adauch@pps.net We will have more information soon for families that nominated their students last year. Please email Andrew if you have any questions.

Disease Guidance

Please see the linked document from the Oregon Health Authority. It contains guidelines on students who are ill. Pages 8-12 are especially helpful for parents to determine when they should or shouldn't send a child to school. HERE