Morgan's Poems

By: Morgan K.

My Little Brother- Couplet

My little brother is funny,

He REALLY likes money.

His name is Ty,

He thinks he can fly.

He is three years old,

and he always complains in the cold.

My Dog- Limerick

I love my dog,

She looks like a log.

She has a stuffed bunny,

The bunny looks funny.

And she loves to play in the fog.


My name is Morgan,

My last name is Kaniper.

I love basketball!

Thomas the Train-Alliteration

Thomas the Train went to the terrible trip with the terrible Tommy,

They saw a pterodactyl, triceratops, and other dinos.

I Love... -Personification

I love how the sky tells the stars where to go.

I love how the sea reminds the mountains to stand up tall.

I love how the rain dances with the fire and then puts it out.

I love how the moon follows the sun.

I love how the dawn turns into morning.

I love how the clouds and the sun collide.

I love how the trees dance and help you live.

I love how the world always listens to you.

And I LOVE how the people love, forgive, and always remember you

Cotton Candy- Imagery

Oh cotton candy where do I begin,

It's sugary, fluffy and my favorite thing,

is just how it melts in your mouth,

like snow melts on the ground on a winter day.

Oh cotton candy where do I begin,

Sugary as a lollipop landing on your tongue.

Oh cotton candy where do I begin,

fluffy as a panda bear cuddling up to your skin.

Oh cotton candy where do I begin,

looking like a cloud all puffy and gigantic.

Oh cotton candy i'll begin with.... I love you!

Thursday Night- Similes and Metaphors

Thursday night basketball practice is a trampoline,

Because were bouncing all around.

Thusday night basketball practice is like a CD,

Because were spinning around in circles all over the court.

Thursday night basketball practice is like a boot camp,

Because it's so tiring and at the end were always out of breath