Ellsworth Hill's Reading Club

By: Mrs. Wenclewicz

First Week Fun

This first week has been wonderful! Your child has been a delight in room B-16. We have been working hard to learning routines, setting hopes and dreams for the year, and building our Reading Club community! Each student brings a smile to my face and lights up our quaint classroom with their vibrant and joyful personality.

Below you will see a before and after picture of "Our Hopes and Dreams" wall. We discussed how important it is to set goals and work hard to achieve them. We then created dream clouds with our goals, personal artistic design, and topped with their first grade photos! Each day we remind ourselves of our hopes and dreams and work hard to achieve them!

Questions to Ask Your Child

Starting next week, we will begin our reading routine of reading, writing, and phonics. However, this week we focused on building community and learning routines. Make sure you ask your child about your classroom cheers! When students accomplish a goal or produce great work, we like to "cheer" them on. Have your child demonstrate the four cheers we learned this week:

  • Roller Coaster cheer
  • Clam Clap cheer
  • Spider Clap cheer
  • WOW cheer

For wellness Wednesday we got up and moving with our aroostasha activity! Students were asked to stand, watch, listen, and then repeat what I say / do. I begin with one simple movement and continue to add movements and directions as students repeat them back. It is a great movement activity to help with sequencing and memory. I was able to assess students ability to retain and repeat information. Our working memory is a muscle which needs to be strengthened in order to retain and reproduce sequences- whether in math patterns or sentences. This game helps with students ability to retain words for sentence dictation work. Tricky tricky teacher! Working on skills through engaging activities! Sounds like a success to me.

Click on the bold words "Aroostasha Energizer!" in the middle of the page to watch a video demonstration of this activity!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs. Wenclewicz