Room 212 News #21

February 7, 2016

National African-American Parent Involvement Day

Monday, February 8 is NAAPID! All parents are welcome to visit Bryant and the classroom! Visit for more info.

Spirit Week

Monday - Crazy Socks (Mrs. Miller)

Tuesday- Star Wars Day (Mr. Willard)

Wednesday- Super Hero Day (Mrs. Miller)

Thursday- Twin Day (Mr. Kinasz)

Friday- Bryant School Spirit Wear

Wednesday - Field Trip to Wild Swan

On February 10, all Bryant first graders will visit the Wild Swan theater to see a performance of "Drum Me a Story - African Tales." We will leave about 9:30 and return around 11:30.

Friday - Lunch with a Loved One, join your student for lunch!

Valentine's Day/100th Day of School

It looks like the 100th day of school and Valentine's Day will be very close to one another. We will have a combination Valentine's Day/100th Day celebration on Friday February 12 from 1:45-2:45. Students will be working with the number 100 in a variety of ways, and will also have the chance to distribute Valentine cards.

For the class list, click here. Please make sure if you choose to do cards, that there is one for each student (21). It may be helpful not to wait until right before the 12th to start filling them out, because writing names can get tiring. Also, your child may bring in a shoebox or tissue box to collect the cards, but if not, we can make a large envelope or use a bag at school. I'll have extra Valentine cards if someone forgets, or needs them.

February is Black History Month

We'll be taking a look throughout the month at the many achievements of black Americans. Through biographies about people like Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks, along with historical fiction, students can begin to understand the struggle for freedom and equality faced by African-Americans.

True and False Number Models

As you may have seen in the homework, students are comparing numbers and comparing number models (equations). We are using the > and < symbols and looking at both sides of the equal sign to see if a number model is true or false. This can be challenging, mainly because students are presented with equations in unfamiliar forms. For example:

10 = 4 + 6 (true)

2 + 5 = 3 + 4 (true)

4 - 1 = 1 + 1 (false)

Need just a few more... Empty Paper Towel Rolls

Soon we will begin an ongoing math activity called "Number Scroll." Students use blank grids to write numbers - some will make it to 1,000 before the year is over! This is an opportunity to better understand place value and see the patterns which emerge in the columns and rows of the scroll.

Collecting and Examining Life

We've learned that snails are part of the mollusk family of animals. The gastropod mollusks have three things in common. Ask your child if s/he remembers what common features these creatures share. (one foot for movement, tentacles with eyes on the tips, and a rasping tongue - scrapes food)

Students are asking lots of good questions about both our snails and the new fish. We hope to answer many of our questions through research and observation.

Kensington Field Trip, February 24

This is a great trip taken by all first grade classes. This is a full day trip (9:30-2:00). We will spend most of the trip outside. Permission slips were in the orange folder on Friday.

Please review the informational letter that was attached, with tips on how your child should dress for the day.

Parents, if you are planning to attend, please check the box on top of the permission slip, and make sure you have completed a background check (sheet available in the office).

Volunteer During Centers

Currently we have help from college students or parents on Monday and Friday. We welcome help during Guided Reading/morning centers or Guided Math/afternoon centers, if you are available.

  • Tuesday, 10:15am or 1:15pm
  • Wednesday, 9:20am
  • Thursday, 10:25am or 1:40pm

Let me know if you are interested!

Dates to Remember:

  • 2/8 NAAPID - parent involvement day
  • 2/10 Wild Swan trip
  • 2/12 Valentine/100 Day centers
  • 2/15-2/19 - No School for mid-winter break
  • 2/24 Kensington Field Trip