The Tundra

By Andrew alger

about the tundra

The tundra is a one of a kind. There you can find beautiful Animals such as the Arctic fox or the Norway lemming. You may even be able to find a Snowy owl! Smell the fresh air and look at the beautiful sun. But watch out the temperature might be chilly at the average temperature of -18. Hey if you look down you will see a black mucky soil with a frozen sub soil. In the tundra you will see large stretches of bare ground and patchy vegetation. You'll see bearberry's, arctic moss and arctic willow.

How do we humans affect the tundra in a bad way?

We create factories and oil wells which give off pollution. The pollution spoils the water supply. Oil spills can also kill wild animals. Burning fossil fuels causes global warming.

How do we humans affect the Tundra in a good way?

We are putting up hunting laws to protect wild life. We are also trying to find alternative sources of energy instead of fossil fuels.
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Interesting fact

The word tundra comes from the Finnish word tunturia which means treeless land.