Most Wanted Virus

By: Ailynn Venzor in 2nd Period


Disease: FLU

when was he last seen?: "I cant say much but the last thing that i heard of was that everyone got it during the winter... that's all i know, I swear"

all about influenza

  • Influenza can get to bodies by people breathing it in.
  • Can be inhaled and go down to the respiratory system where it will "attack"
  • the flu can be really easy to get and is a very common disease.


This villain has been known to attack the respiratory system, such as the nose, throat, and lungs causing severe coughing which only helps the suspect get into other peoples systems.


watch out! This criminal likes to attack EVERYTHING! They affect birds, and people of all ages! They get to anyone they see and touch!


If left to run free, this scoundrel will cause uncontrollable coughing, high fevers and chills, and body aches that will makes you yell your heart out.



If you captured the hooligan of just an a or b influenza virus you will be rewarded $100.


if you captured the hooligan responsible for the bird flu the reward will be $1,000

be careful catching this tough guy, he's Deadly. You have been warned.


Watch out! Influenza has been known to hang around town near all states and countries, and spreads world wide! It is so easy to catch the flu.

Most effective weapons

The best way to contain this vicious villain is to get a yearly checkup and vaccination to make sure your body is healthy enough to fight these bad guys.

The flu shot is the main cure to get rid of this virus but if you wish for the pain to go away once you get the flu there are a lot of over the counter medicine and drugs to help ease the pain (ex. theraflu)

FOr more information

Speak to your doctor if you have questions about the flu. If you would like to do the research yourself go to websites for the flu. My recommendations are the hospital websites.