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FLY Update: Final Presentations, Surveys, and Pre-registrations!

Final Presentations
We are so proud of all of our FLY students! They have been blowing us away with their Presentations and we've had so much fun watching them. We hope you've all been enjoying them as well! :) For those of you who still have Presentations coming up, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

If your student has already had his/her Presentation Day, you should have received an email from us regarding Program Evaluations and Surveys/Pre-registrations. Our goal is to make our program the best it can be, so we really appreciate your feedback. Please see the section below titled, "Program Evaluations," for a link to the evaluation. It only takes a minute or two. :)

Our Survey and Pre-registration process for the 2014-15 school year is also in full swing! We make our class schedules based on the Survey preferences we receive, so if you're interested in a specific language, day of the week, or class time, please submit a Survey so we can do our best to meet your needs. Submit a Survey here:

(This link will take you to our list of schools. You will need to click on your school and then you'll be able to submit the survey from your school page.)

If we already have a tentative class schedule at your student's school, you also have the opportunity to Pre-register for next year's classes. Submit a $25 Pre-registration deposit by June 30th and you'll receive a $25 discount on next year's tuition and reserve your spot in the class. Your remaining payment of $249 will be due on September 15th. If you change your mind or can no longer take the class, let us know by September 15th and we'll refund your deposit.

If you have any questions about Surveys or Pre-registration, feel free to contact us for more information.

We look forward to seeing everyone back in class next year!

Program Evaluations

Our goal at FLY is to be constantly improving through an open relationship with parents, students and teachers. Please take a minute to reflect on your student's year with FLY and answer the questions below. We will make changes in the program to fit our changing needs. Fill out an evaluation here.

Class Update

If your student's FLY class has not ended yet, here are some topics that may be covered now and in the coming weeks:

-Directional words, such as on, over, under, behind, etc.
-How to ask for someone's telephone number
-Vocabulary related to playing sports

Practice at home with these helpful YouTube videos:

Fun song about sports in Spanish:

Learn to say different sports in French:

Practice sports vocabulary in Japanese:

How to ask, "What sports do you like?" in Mandarin Chinese:

Free Language Learning Sites for Summer!

Use these free language learning sites to keep your student's language skills fresh over summer break: