Charlene's MVCs Newsletter

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A note from your Sr. Director

Hello ladies! I hope this newsletter finds you excited for spring! Excited for our spring sale! Excited for our amazing May and June customer and hostess specials! Excited for National Conference! Excited for the Leadership Trip! Excited to pay off a bill or buy that new something-something you've been eying, or maybe to sign up your kids for a hockey or dance camp! I'm showing my most favorite quote in the whole world. I heard it first at National Conference, and it really hit home. "You are a child of God. You playing it small does not serve the world." To me, this means to go out and be the best you you can. Make other people notice and want to do the same!
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Team February and March Stats

February: Charlene's MVCs Gen 0: $18,479, 14 parties
March: Charlene's MVCs Gen 0: $13543.50, 14 parties

Charlene's February and March Stats

February: $1079 in personal volume, 2 parties
March: $4035.50 in personal volume, 6 parties

Charlene Glur, Sr. Director

Contact me anytime to set up a coaching call or if you're just needing some new inspiration! This new All-In tote available in June sure has me inspired! Successful people to do not quit. They keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit. Don't quit on you!