Egg Drop

What Really Happened

The Beginning


We all walk in unsuspecting what was about to happen. The Egg Drop.A project where you build a contraption that will protect an egg when thrown of the ladder of a fire truck. The teacher gave us 4 days to work. We could have partners but my group wanted 4 people. And the process went something like this...

Day 1

On day 1 we went strait to building. Our project was a Dixie cup cocoon with cotton balls inside. One of our group members decided that we need a floor test. So we threw the egg at the floor. Then he took the egg and constantly full out chucked it at the floor and wall. We cracked 3 plastic eggs that day.

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Day 2

On the 2nd day we decided that to slow its fall it needed a parachute. So then we made a parachute. It was a 3 layer parachute. On the top a string going threw a piece of paper. On the 2nd layer was the string attached to a Popsicle stick and the Popsicle stick attached to another Popsicle stick by a rubber band. Then we had a rubber band around the 2 Dixie cups vertically and around the Popsicle stick on the second layer.

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Day 3

On the third day we tested by contently dropping it from 10 feet in the air well standing on a counter top. Then we went to a 25 foot drop. We threw it off and it worked perfectly. We thought we where ready.

Day 4

Testing day. First we had to put the egg in and name it. Then a teacher hauled them up the ladder of the fire truck. It was about 35 feet from the ground. There where about 10 contractions before ours. The teacher holds our over the edge and drops it. The parachute didn't work. The egg just completely spiraled downward with the parachute flapping behind it. Then we opened it up. Egg everywhere, it was even dripping from the cocoon. But This project was still fun.

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