Visionary Team Needed!

Help our school create a new vision statement

Stakeholder and Co-developer Importance

When the time is taken by members of the education community to invest in the overall vision of the school, the vision is truly attainable. See your influence in the lives of the children around you. Be a part of their future in a positive way, by aiding in the writing of the school's vision statement. " It codifies alignment with the board of trustees regarding strategic direction." (Schneider, 2014)

This Thursday night at 6pm!!!

Be sure to make it on time and take part in our community growth.

In the Multi-Purpose Room

Remember that the our future depends on our vision

"We define a purposeful community as one with the collective efficacy and capability to develop and use assets to accomplish goals that matter to all community members through agreed-upon processes." (Marzano, 2014)

What it means to be a part of this process

Being a contributing member of this process means that you will hold, in your hands, part of the future of education procedures and policy at the school. "The leader initiates a vision and shares it with all. When a leader shares an inspiring vision, it gets everyone on the same path and pulling in the same direction toward the same goal." (Langlois, 2014)

Why You Should Come

To facilitate growth in a positive and enriching manner, a streamline and honest vision statement should be available to our students and their families. Not only do the staff, but the families and students need to know what the school aims for and will be fighting for along side their them. "The first step is to create a vision that has meaning to everyone involved . It can't be a plan made in a silo and then brought out at your annual team building event . It has to inspire passion, create enthusiasm, and in still motivation to the team on a daily basis."(Kouzes, 2015)


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