My Code of Ethics


Some things that make me honest is that even when i know i could get out of something by lying ill tell the truth because it might come back and be worse later on.
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Something that proves that I have integrity is because I can be unbiased at times and I always try my best to treat people fairly. A time where i treated someone fairly was when I showed these skills was when my friends were trying to prove that they were more superior than the other and I told them that they were both the same.
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The time that I showed confidentiality was when my friend told me a secret that could have gotten him in trouble and then his mom asked me what happened and I kept my promise even though it might now have been the best idea.
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Myself-I showed myself responsibility by keeping all of my shoes in very good shape so they would last a lot longer.

Family-I show responsibility to my family by taking care of the things that they care about so they will treat my things the same.

Community-I have showed responsibility to my community by picking up trash when i see it laying on the floor/ground.

School/home-I show responsibility to school/home by picking up any messes i make and also other peoples messes at times.

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I show courage when I have to be there for my little brother when i know that its going to be very hard/emotional for me to handle as well.
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