Grade 1d News

13 May, 2016

This week in 1D

Dear Parents,

Thank you for coming to our Writers Cafe and Mothers Day celebration last Sunday. I am sure you will join me in feeling very proud of our students and their achievements this year. They were definitely the stars of the show. It was lovely to see that they felt safe amongst friends to share their work, and they all enjoyed the experience. If for some reason you missed it, please check this week's photo folder to see the videos.

Have a lovely weekend!




A reminder that After School Activities have now finished for this school year.

ASD Fine Arts Show

This week is your last chance to see the beautiful student artwork on display in the ES main corridor and the HS Fine Arts area. The students are very proud of their work! We hope you can take a moment to explore our galleries.

A-Z Countdown Letters H - K:

  • Hat Day
  • Illustration Day
  • Joke Day
  • Kick off your shoes Day
  • Letter Writing Day

Principals’ Coffee and Parent Forum

Tuesday, May 24 at 8:05am in the Elementary School Presentation Room. This is the last Principals’ Coffee for the school year and it will be focused on summer learning. The purpose of this meeting is to inform parents about the importance of engaging their children in learning opportunities over the summer and to provide parents with summer learning ideas for children as well as some resources that they can use.

Parent Forum

LES will hold a Parent Forum during the second half of this Principals’ Coffee. If you have topics, feedback or questions that you would like to put forth for agenda consideration please e-mail Mrs. Ibrahim, our Parent Forum Representative, at by 9:00am on Thursday May 19. Please specify in your communication, which division your child is in, as Mrs. Ibrahim represents both lower and upper elementary.

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Coming Events in 1D and LES


May 17 - KG Music Concert

May 19 - Volunteer Breakfast


May 22 - No School for Students, Teacher Professional Development

May 24 - Full-day of school, 3pm dismissal

May 26 - Assistant Appreciation Lunch

June 5 - Step-Up Day

June 7 - Full-day of school, 3pm dismissal

June 9 - Last Day Assembly

June 9 - Last Day of School, Report Cards go home


Big Ideas: Finding the Important parts and Visualizing

  • When finding the important part elaborate on it when retelling
  • Visualize a book
  • Visualize a character
  • Visualize connections
  • Use senses when visualizing


Revising Personal Narratives.

Big Ideas:

  • Punctuation
  • Exact actions
  • Feelings (unfreezing characters)


BIG Idea: Adding strategies

Teaching Points:

  • Add a pair of two digit numbers when the ones digits have a sum less than or equal to 10
  • Add a pair of two-digit numbers when the ones digits have a sum greater than 10 using decomposition
  • Add a pair of two-digit numbers with varied sums in ones and compare different recording methods
  • Solve and share peer strategies for adding two-digit numbers with varied sums

Social Studies

'My Community, Then and Now.'

Big Idea: Identify concepts within a Fairy Tale

  • Introduce 3 fairy tales
  • Map the roles and jobs the different characters have.