Computer Hardware



A SSD (Solid State Drive) is a slim, quicker and better hardrive than a HDD and has no moving parts. the HDD has moving parts, such as the disc and the arm and is also slower and bigger than an SSD. Both, SSD'S and HDD's are hard drives which save pictures, music documents and games onto it.


An optical drive is a device that reads, writes or plays dvds. the good thing about an optical drive that can play very high definition discs. Game consoles such as the ps3 and laptops and computers have optical drives in so they can read, write and play high definition discs, although this increases the price, the extra money is definately worth it.


A monitor, is a device that displays things for you. The thing that displays pictures, videos or writing, is not a computer but a monitor. monitors can come in HD Ready or Full HD, HD Ready, has 720p per inch, wheras Full HD has 1080p per inch. The extra money for Full HD is definatley worth it and is very different.


A RAM is a random, access memory. it is good for storing temporary work, not for saving things onto. It stores other programmes, whilst you are using another program. RAM's are small devices and are in the motherboard, they do not take up any space at all!